International Haiku Poetry Day 2015

Inspired by the EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration, organized on the page of The Haiku Foundation, we decided to make a collection of translated haiku.  We wanted to give our Bulgarian readers, who do not have sufficient knowledge of the English language, the opportunity to connect with the perceptions and visions of their friends from around the world.

Many poets replied to our invitation, and we are immensely grateful to all of you!

The collection grew bigger than we expected:

Международен ден на хайку поезията ~ International Haiku Poetry Day 

A special thanks to our team of translators and proofreaders!

Thank you,
Tzetzka Ilieva (Vida)

53 thoughts on “International Haiku Poetry Day 2015

  1. alee9

    first dawn alone–
    the widow eats his half
    of the orange

    Alegria Imperial
    First Place, free format category, Shiku kukai Sept 2013
    Per Diem Daily Haiku, “Light and Dark”, December 2014, Per Diem Archive on the Haiku Foundation Website, and the Haiku App.”

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  2. alee9

    twilight rain

    the blue heron mid-lake

    somehow smaller

    Alegria Imperial
    Commended, Traditional haiku

    The Haiku Foundation’s 2012 Haiku Now Contest
    Under the Basho 2013

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  3. Brendon Kent

    night train…
    holding my thoughts
    a little closer

    Brendon Kent Southampton, England

    Sonic Boom edition two April 2015

    Happy International haiku day 😉

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  4. Sonam Chhoki

    lighting butter lamps
    your death anniversary
    what else can I do?
    Frogpond Volume 33 Number 3, Fall 2010, Per Diem Archive: J. Galmitz and P. Pfleuger, Jr. 2011, Trends

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